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Woodbridge Home Cleaning Services

Welcome to Mrs Clean Woodbridge. This is where all your house cleaning, maid service and office cleaning needs can be met to your satisfaction, every time!

clean living roomHi, I am Mrs Clean. I have a passion for house cleaning and have a trained team of professionals that work with me to service all of the Woodbridge, NJ area. Our girls are motivated, friendly and able to get the job done all the while with a smile on their face for the very best price. We know all about house cleaning as well as office cleaning and it shows up where ever we go. We bring along all the necessary things needed to do a great job. We are prompt, courteous and professional. We do our best to arrive on time and clean everything to your expectations and all for a very fair price. It has been said that we are the best price in town when it comes to our competition.

If you are trying to find the best house cleaning job for the best price then you have arrived at the right spot. We can quote you right over the phone much of the time. We have years of experience and just ask a few questions and can assess the situation and come up with a fair price for you right away in most cases. Our prices start at just $69.00.

We are able to do a custom schedule for you if you wish. We have clients that we go to for house cleaning every day, once a week, once every ten days, 2 weeks and so on. We are willing to work around your busy schedule as we work 7 days a week. Even holidays sometimes. We are just a phone call away as we are all living in Woodbridge or within a 20 min ride of the Woodbridge, NJ area. We have many customers that trust us with a key and have us do the job while they are at work. Ask us about this trusted service.

Did I mention that we bring all our own cleaning supplies and everything we need to do the right kind of job for your home. We have been at this a while so we have a method to our madness, so to speak. We use products that do the job well yet are not harmful to pets or kids. We go green when ever possible as we want to protect the environment too. If there are any special products you would like us to use just let us know and we can do that for you. We offer light cleaning service to deep clean service and everything along the way. As I mentioned we can customize a clean to suit your specific needs and can also perform a hospital clean if that is needed. However, we do disinfect the bathrooms on a regular clean so no need to worry about that.

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We have all types of house and office cleaning clients with all kinds of needs. We accommodate everyone no matter what your needs are.

Have you tried other cleaning companies in the past? Don't worry, you have found the one you have been hoping for right here!

We had a customer the other day call and say how they had referred a friend to us and was calling to thank us for doing such a wonderful job with their house cleaning  as we did for hers. We were delighted to hear that as we always do our best to make sure everything is just right for our clients every time we visit.

cleaned bathroomA lady called a few weeks ago and said she has a hoarder living in her house and they were finally ready to deal with it all but needed some serious help. I told her she has come to the right place as we help people with this type of situation all the time. We put a plan together. It was a 2 part plan we came up with after she described the clutter magnitude. The first day we went and got 2 rooms completely done. The difference was like night and day. The second day we tackled the other 3 rooms and by the end of the day her house looked like a normal, clean home again. All parties involved got great satisfaction from a job well done and all for a very low price!

white clean bathroomWe have different levels of service to accommodate every need. Our light house cleaning offers a quick once over for the type of place that is just a little dusty and just needs a quick going over. Our regular clean is by far the most popular and handles pretty much everything most people need. Then we offer a deep house cleaning service that gets inside things like cabinets and frig and oven and even microwave. We have been known to even clean inside the dishwasher too, when needed. We offer to take things out of all the cabinets and drawers and clean thoroughly and then place items back where they go. We do this is whatever room you would like but most often we perform this operation in the kitchen and pantry areas. Do you have a laundry room? We clean those too, you know. We get what most other companies overlook when it comes to dirt and dust.

  Have you been cleaning the entire house by yourself?

A lady called the other day and said she needed a regular house cleaning but when we got there she obviously had a hoarder living in the house but felt embarrassed to say something over the phone. We, of course, had to do a price adjustment but we proceeded to get the place spic and span so the house felt like a home again.

new looking kitchen woodbridgeOne time we had a guy call and say he needed a regular house cleaning but when we got there it looked like a tornado had gone inside and, wow! So we really impressed him after we were done he gave our team a big tip and said he couldn't believe the place looked so brand new again. He was very happy!

Whatever your needs are you can rest assured that we have got things under control when it comes to house cleaning and remember we bring all the necessary tools of our trade so we can accomplish the task at hand in a timely manner with precision. A clean home is a happy home and we are always up to the challenge so just give us a call. We are open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm. 732-408-6969